We had a conversation once with someone claiming, in a figurative sense, he NEVER puts people in boxes and he hates when people do that do him. In other words, he doesn’t categorize others. Mmm hmmm. Sure.

Whether we are willing to admit or not, we ALL categorize people. It’s human nature.

So, what if we changed our outlook on categorization? Are these figurative boxes a bad thing? We say nay. They shape us into the people we are. They define us. They are a part of us. Be proud of them.

This section is dedicated to our figurative boxes.

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We became parents through adopting our darling girl, Brynn. So, needless to say, it’s something we strongly advocate for. Adoption is not a decision that should be taken lightly by anyone. It’s not an easy road for either the adoptive parents, the adopted child and especially the birth parents. BUT, it is a beautiful, loving, … Continue reading Adoption


Our daughter, Brynn, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in July 2018. We suspected this was the case before her diagnosis, but having it opens the door to more therapy, help from Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), specialized classrooms at school and more. Our life is often consumed with the world of Autism, but we doing … Continue reading Autism


We all know at least one couple or person who is experiencing infertility. We experienced it for years and were extremely private about it. I, Melissa, personally struggled with it pretty deeply. Like, buried it 6 feet plus another 6 feet under. I’ve come to learn with a little life experience, burying our struggles and … Continue reading Infertility


We hope this doesn’t come across us boastful or we’re implying we have a perfect marriage, because that’s certainly not the case. BUT, our marriage is strong and possibly the easiest part of our life. What can we say? We just get a long well. We get each other. We click. We love each other … Continue reading Marriage