About Us

Hey folks! If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re the Beagleys.

Mark and Melissa are the old ones. Brynn and Pace are the young ones.

Brynn is our 6 year old daughter, whom we adopted at birth. She is loving, active, smart, sweet, observant, strong-willed, vibrant, spicy, fearless, perceptive and has challenges beyond our comprehension. Parenthood hit us hard. Our girl was born under traumatic circumstances, which has lead to the many hardships she faces today. Recently, Brynn was diagnosed with Autism, although our intuition suspected this was the case for awhile.

Pace is our 4 year old son, whom was naturally born to us. He was an extremely surprising, yet welcomed pregnancy. Experiencing pregnancy was not in our radar after trying for 5+ years, so we cherished the adventure. Our little man, is just that. He is fiercely independent, attentive, stubborn, funny, energetic, insistent, clever, intuitive, entertaining, particular, imaginative, and brings us joy and frustration everyday.

We decided to start a blog with several things in mind. First, writing is remarkably therapeutic. So, you better bet your sweet booty, we are going to take advantage of the free therapy. Second, we want to share our unique experience and perspective as an interracial, adoptive family. Third, we would like to advocate, educate and connect with others regarding Autism. Lastly, we hope to commiserate with each other and YOU concerning marriage and parenthood.

So, please join us as we share our life, the good, the bad and the ugly. Transparency is how we grow and reach others. That’s our goal.

Thanks for stopping by.