Okay, it’s time to be real.

I was handling this whole COVID thing pretty well up until about a week and a half ago.

It slowly crept in. I pushed it aside at first, as I usually do, until I felt as if I was drowning. Drowning in the demands, needs, and whines of my children.

I was doing all the things one would do to naturally lift spirits, yet I was still drowning.

This is depression.

It took me years to admit I needed more help than prayers, exercise, eating right, and alone time.

I needed a medication, or what I call my “happy pills.”

I’m grateful to my doctor who listened and did not hesitate to help me. I haven’t had to take them for months, which was exciting. THEN, the quarantine happened. Time for happy pills.

To those suffering, probably much more than I am, even during this lonely time, you are not alone.❤️

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