Parenting Style?

Sometimes I think it’s easy to get caught up in parenting books, articles and/or groups on social media. Don’t get me started on “mom” groups on Facebook. Simply put, they’re the worst. I can’t AND won’t ever subject myself to such negativity and judgement.

Anyway, a common question that seems to come up in these circles is, “What’s your parenting style?”

I swear only in modern parenting does such a question rear its ridiculous head.

Is feeding, clothing, bathing, playing and loving my children, but also not feeling guilty for ignoring them while I work out or do chores, a style? (yes, I acknowledge this is a horrendous run-on sentence)

OR is it just the duty and privilege we commit to when we become parents?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of getting caught up in how I “should” be parenting according to some dumb article I read. When I became a mom, admittedly, I was a very insecure parent. I questioned EVERYTHING I did. I beat myself up over EVERY failure or what I considered to be a failure.

I “studied” fellow parents. I envied how they interacted with their children. They seemed to be far more patient and loving than I was. I wanted to be like them, because in my mind I was doing it all wrong.

Then, as I grew more comfortable and confident in my sacred role as a mother, and by the grace of God, I finally realized whatever my parenting “style” might be, it’s what works for my family. Maybe we’ll call it the Beagley style of parenting. It has a nice ring to it.

I’m not a perfect mom, BUT I love my children fiercely.


They know I love them and THAT is my parenting style.

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