“Darling, the world doesn’t owe you anything”

I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I read a post on my Nextdoor app. The title, “4th of July Fireworks.”

Oh, this should be good.

In short, the poster was asking her neighbors to limit the fireworks for her highly anxious dog.

Okay, first, it’s March, so why are we talking about the 4th of July?

Second, I have very little patience for anyone complaining about fireworks ON THE 4TH OF JULY. Just ask my family who witnessed my belittling of neighbors for cowardly yelling at us over the fence about them. No, I’m not proud how I handled it, BUT America has been celebrating the holiday since 1776. Shouldn’t it be expected, at this point, fireworks are simply just a part of the holiday?

In my very humble (or majorly soapbox) opinion, the post manifested much more than the issue of fireworks. As I read the comments, other than a few nasty comments, most people were giving helpful tips for the anxious pup, but the original poster wasn’t having it. The individual would snidely remark, “well, do you have funds to help me provide these solutions for my dog?” In short, the original poster wasn’t looking for a solution, they were looking for everyone in their neighborhood to cater to THEIR needs.

*SIDE NOTE: I am completely sympathetic to anxious pups (we had two of them), but to expect everyone around you accommodate to your pup’s needs is, simply put, INSANE.

I’m sorry, I just can’t handle this mentality. Nowadays, I feel like we’re surrounded by it and it’s maddening.

It made me think about our life with our daughter. If I expected everyone to appease to her needs as someone on the autism spectrum, how is she to grow and adapt even in the toughest situation.

Having said this, I am extremely grateful for those who have been understanding and helpful during intense moments with our daughter. I’m sure you have no idea the level of gratitude I have.

I won’t ever truly comprehend the extent of our daughter’s challenges, but I do see how bright, empathetic, observant and wonderful she is. I don’t know what her or our future will bring, but I see her potential. We have expectations for our beautiful children, whatever their struggles may be. Our daughter’s disorder will not be a crutch. AND, when I say crutch, I mean for us as her parents. It won’t keep me from doing everything in my power to help her, not overcome (because with autism that’s impossible), but cope with her struggles.

When it comes down to it, despite our personal troubles, the world doesn’t owe us any favors. It does make that much sweeter when someone lends us a helpful hand, though.

4 thoughts on ““Darling, the world doesn’t owe you anything”

  1. A Fan says:

    You’re a fierce woman and your words show a glimpse of that. Even in young girlhood you braced yourself against obstacles and faced them head on with the honest expectations of an adult. While other girls had candy coated expectations of fairytale lives, your Spirit was tempered early on for what Heavenly Father needed you to do as a woman. You’ve been vigilant, valiant and so strong. No setback or disappointment keeps you down – you always wipe away tears with renewed determination and steady yourself for the next round of helping your family become their best selves. Fierce, brilliant, beautiful; That’s you.

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  2. Amy says:

    I love love love this article. Had the same exact issue in my neighborhood HOA saying no fireworks. It’s America and one time a year. Ok maybe New Years too, so twice a year. Sorry for the dogs. We have dogs too, but sorry not sorry, our kids like fireworks. I was ganged up by our HOA many still do not talk to me. No loss. You are doing an awesome awesome job with your family. So proud of you. And there will always be haters so keep being you. Love that you stand up for your Family and Country.

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    • Melissa Beagley says:

      Thank you, Amy! I completely agree with you! It’s a ridiculous thing to take issue with. It’s something that happens maybe twice a year and if they saw the joy it brings kids maybe they would change their tune.


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